Run Lola Run Essay

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Lola just got off the phone with Manni, when he stated that he was going to rob a grocery store by noon. Lola ends up being late and she is now an accessory to this robbery. Shortly after they robbed the store the cops catch them on foot and corner them. Manni, thinking he was doing the right move, threw the bag of money to the cops. One of the police officers ended up shooting his gun and hitting Lola in the chest, killing her. Manni made the wrong decision that altered his future; but there are three different outcomes that can occur in this movie and that change more than one person’s future. Run Lola Run was filmed in Germany and was introduced to the United States in the1999. The writer and director of this film was Tom Tykwer. The main characters in the movie were Franka Potente who played Lola, Moritz Bleibtreu, Manni, and Herbert Knaup, who plays Vater. This movie was rated R because of the obscene language. Lola has twenty minutes to come up with 100,000 Deutschmarks for her boyfriend Manni. Lola and Manni go through several different outcomes that have an unfortunate future someone. Manni gets himself involved with a bad group of people and he knows that the consequences of him messing up could be deadly. He ends up losing the money and knows that he is going to be murdered. Lola receives a call from Manni to let her know that he needs her help. Lola freaks out and goes on a rampage to look for this 100,000 DM. She knows someone that might be able to help her out but ends up not getting what she was expected. These scenarios go on throughout the movie. The movie has a lot of different techniques that were used throughout this movie. For example, they used a lot of flash forwards with…