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Differences Between Christians and Muslims: * Christians believe in the Trinity; Muslims believe God is indivisible. * Christians believe that as a member of the Trinity, Jesus is the Son of God. Muslims believe that Jesus was conceived by an act of God and though not the Son of God, is like Muhammad, a highly respected Prophet. * Christians believe Adam is guilty of disobeying God and that we all bear this Original Sin when we are born. We can be saved from this, and other sins, through accepting Jesus Christ's atonement. Christians believe that Jesus was crucified on a cross to atone for man's sins.

Muslims believe Adam was faultless (some refer to him as a Prophet). They believe Jesus did not die on the cross and consequently there is no atonement. Muslims believe that each person is born sin-less and must take responsibility for maintaining this state throughout life. * Christians believe that when we die, we are immediately judged and sent to heaven or hell (or Purgatory in the Catholic faith, where Christian souls can do penance to prepare for heaven and non-Christians can languish until the final Judgment Day). Muslims believe in barzakh, an interim afterlife similar to Purgatory, where spirits wait Judgment Day. * Many Bible stories are repeated in the Qur'an but some of the details differ. Not all of these differences can be explained by translation errors. * Secular law and morality are separate in Christian countries and they have secular governments. Islam considers law and morality are synonymous; the law is based on their moral code and politics are governed by the religion. * Christians have a more relaxed view about what foods may be eaten. Muslims, being conscious that God created man, consider it wrong to defile such a creation with certain food and drink. Muslims may not, for example, eat pork or drink alcohol. * It is mandatory for Muslims to face Mecca and recite a prescribed liturgy (salat) at five specific times every day. Christians have no such obligation. * Increasingly, the Christian Church is tolerating homosexuality. This is still largely forbidden in Islam. Christian men and women worship together; Muslims segregate. Polygamy is forbidden in the Christian Church; Muslim men may have more than one wife. Christian males and females may wear silk gold, but in Islam only females are permitted to wear silk and gold

Similarities between Christians and Muslims: * They believe in miracles and believe that Jesus performed miracles. They are monotheistic (believe in one God). God is invincible and angels exist as God's servants. There is also an Antichrist (Satan) who also has servants. God has sent prophets and Jesus, who now lives…