Running: Nutrition and Stride Rate Essay

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Running is a popular pastime in America, however it isn’t something many consider how to achieve efficiency. Sadly, many people don’t consider the harmful effects from having inefficient running form.
Some might say that running is bad on the knees; however this is not the case when one has a formidable running form. Others might argue with the fact that running is too time consuming, and that it’s impossible to get better at running if one is always busy. This is incorrect, because while improving ones skill takes time, 15 minutes a day could make a difference. Learning to run efficiently starts with block number one, eating efficiently. While one might suggest bread and pasta the night before for an upper edge, this isn’t sufficient enough. One must begin to witness and take the initiative of running as one big, connected circle. One night of carb-loading will not do much in comparison to the person who has been followed a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water. According to Alana Brager, of, “The long grueling workouts that many endurance athletes partake in, can take a toll on your body and mind, but being aware of which foods to consume in order to help your body recover faster, is crucial. Vegetables and fruits that are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are what we all expect athletes to consume. However, lean proteins, healthy fats and carbohydrates provide your body with fuel.” (Brager, 2013) Healthy eating also encourages a more sturdy form. While eating healthy plays a role in running efficiently, form is arguably the line that divides people as running moguls or monsters. Having an efficient running form is half the battle, due to the amount of energy one is able to converse. One way to make one’s running form more efficient is by reducing bounce, or the amount of time spent in the air between each stride. Arm position is another healthful tip, as it can help quicken stride movement when pumped heartily, yet one must be aware that over-pumping of the arms can lead to fatigue in the upper body. Good posture is also beneficial, due to increased lung capacity and also the psychological advantage of the ever so popular “Alpha-male effect”.
Once one has got both healthy eating and decent running form under control, it is time to fine tune the art of running by improving cadence. According to Coach Debbie Voiles, running