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31 May 2013
Tha Carter Three

“3 Peat” “Mrs Officer” “Lollipop”
These songs were some of the biggest back in 2008. These songs influenced the generation of hip-hop in such big ways that people that never listened to hip-hop started to stray away from country and rock to come into this genre. Hip-hop also changed after this album because the style of rap in this album went backwards to when famous rappers like Biggie used to rap same style and it made other rappers resort to go back to this style. Tha Carter Three also accomplished the feat of becoming the fastest album to sell one million copies people from age groups of teenagers to young adults in college were listening to this album and listening to what most reviews of this album are calling it a master piece. One point people try to make about this album is the meaning behind the lyrics these lyrics in these songs mean a lot more then just words. This album also changed the way people viewed music because this album introduced songs that did not talk about killing people or just being rich or how many drugs or girls the artist Lil Wayne gets it talks about his life and talks about how he is the greatest rapper alive and does not let the people deny him of that.

The style of music in those days was which rapper gets the most girls, which rapper has the most money, which rapper has the biggest house, and best cars. Lil Wayne when writing Tha Carter Three wanted to change that and write about his life and real problems he faced and why he is the best rapper alive. For instance in the song “3 Peat” he says “they can not stop me even if they stopped me”. This statement is implying that even if they stop him he will still prevail and show them why he is the best and people get inspired by this because it also saying he never gives up and that is what people like to hear. In this song he also says “When I was fourteen I told my mom we would see better days and sure enough we say better days”. These lyrics are saying people should never look down on themselves and that life can always get better people should never give up on their life and just keep working hard because in the end it pays off. Everybody wants to look up to someone to who has made it and this artist made it from starting from no where so this album also impacted the people that may not have been so lucky to be born with parents or to be born in wealth or even to be born with a house this album gave them someone to look up to and know that if Lil Wayne could do it without stealing or killing people then they could do it to.
In addition to the style of rap changing after this album the lyrics behind the song also influenced change in the peoples culture today. In songs like “Mr. Carter” Lil Wayne raps with one of the icons in hip-hop industry and is currently married to one of the most known celebrities in the world Beyonce the rapper who is married to her is Jay-Z. In the song Lil Wayne wrote with Jay-Z called “ Mr.Carter” Lil Wayne sings about being hated by the seasons, “Man, I got Summer hating on me ‘cause I'm hotter than the sun got Spring hating on me cause I ain’t never sprung Winter hating on me cause I am colder than you all and I would, I would never, I would never fall I am being hated by the seasons”. In those lyrics seasons are relating to the people not ready for change in the hip-hop industry so they are dissing his music because most people in the world do not know how to change and no one wants to be a leader except the small number of the people in the world like Lil Wayne who released this unbelievable album into the word.

This debut album called Tha Carter Three was the first solo album from Lil Wayne since Tha Carter Two. Tha Carter III arrived in May of 2008, selling more than a million copies in its first week of release. Tha Carter III, which debuted at the top spot in June 2008, selling over a million copies in its first