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Rural and Remote Areas
Fill in the gaps in the following text:
1: The population of a large rural area can vary anywhere between __________ and a small rural area can vary from: __________, where as a remote area can have less than __________ people.
2: Compared to metropolitan areas, the life expectancy in rural areas is __________ to __________ years lower, and for remote areas it is up to __________ years lower.
3: The prevalence of cancers is __________ times higher in rural and remote areas when compared to urban areas and higher rates of skin cancer in some of these areas are contributing to this prevalence.
4: Over __________ per cent in Outer regional and remote areas and __________ per cent in Inner regional areas smoke and have high alcohol consumption, compared with _____ per cent in metropolitan areas. People living in Remote and Very remote areas are around __________times more likely to smoke than those in Major cities. 5: Surveys in rural Victoria and South Australia showed that only __________ per cent of men and __________ per cent of women were able to meet the physical activity guidelines.
6: A physical determinant of living in rural and remote areas is __________.
7: Travelling on those roads can lead to fatalities, because of __________ speeds, __________ road quality and __________ on the road. Road accidents are __________ times higher in these areas than in urban areas.
8: In terms of biological determinants of health, Australians in rural and remote…