Rushdie: Fiction and Magic Realism Essay

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Jessica Baugh
Ms. Cole
30 October 2014

Magic Realism

Magic Realism is a genre of literature which presents magical elements in realistic settings; the extraordinary in the ordinary, the story explain these magical elements as real occurrence presented in a straight forward manner that replaces the “real” and the “fantastic” together.

Rushdie’s writing style combines the magic realism with the historical fiction. Also his allegoric novels, examine historical and philosophical issues by means of surreal characters and brooding humor. His treatment of sensitive religious and political subjects made him a controversial figure. His stories center on the Indian subcontinent and most certain themes in the migrations from the east and the west and the incidences occurring in between them Rushdie uses the narrative writing style of magical realism in which myth and fantasy are blended with real life.

Rashid tells Haroun where he receives the source of his stories. The Invisible Tap installed by Water Genie, “I drink the warm story waters and I feel full of steam. It comes out of an Invisible Tap installed by one of the Water Genies (Rashid, 17). The magical realism there is the tap itself appearing to be a normal or real object, but actually it dispenses, story waters where Rashid receive stories that made him the infamous “Ocean of Nations”.

Secondly, Iff the Water Genie and Butt the Hoopoe explains to Haroun the location of the Twilight Strip, “As a result the Land of Gup is bathed in endless sunshine, while over in Chup it’s always the middle of the night. In between, two lay the