Russellville Church

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In Russellville there is a chapel called Edwards Chapel Christian Church. But the original founding site for the church is between London and Russellville, Arkansas, near the Illinois Bayou. In the 1930s the church split up when that happened the greater part of the church fellowship when to the Church of Christ. This church was converted in 1939 it was converted into a church.The church was originally organized by the white minister Pope Kelley in 1867 near Coal Springs near Dwight Mission. The original founding site of Dwight Mission Indian was overlooked by the Edwards Chapel Christian Church. The church was for the local white citizens, freeman, and former slaves. The church was moved to Outia at the foothills of Norristown Mountain on …show more content…
They bought the land on where the church was located in Russellville on Damascus Road, just inside the boundaries of Russellville. During the 1880s Dr. George W. Harkey took over leadership of the congregation, and the church continued to grow. The church would stay till 1939 at this time the important leaders were R. T. Madlock, W. W. Martin, W. T. York, Mancil M. Bostick, T. R. Moore, H. A. Armstrong, and Elders Smith, Guiden, and Hervey. In 1934 after a local “tent meeting” the church decided to split the church and form the Church of Christ. In the 1990s the church congregation decided to change the name to Central Christian Church after the renovation project to fix the deteriorating the church building. In 1992 the Central Christian Church started the first race relations Task Force in Russellville to show that racial issues following the Los Angeles and Watts Riot. In the years 1967-69 about 3,000 of the congregational formally left at the time of the disciples restructure. The first denomination in the world that had an organization that is devoted to the pursuit of Christian unity was the Council of Christianity Unity. The disciples helped organize the National Council