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1. Purges/Great Terror -Late 1930’s -Killing or out casting of primarily old Bolsheviks because Stalin felt they could not be trusted.
-Demonstrated Stalin’s seriousness and assured other Bolsheviks that if they went against Stalin’s leadership or ideas, he would kill off or outcast them just as easy.

2. Dekulakization - 1929-1932 -The arrests, deportations and executions of Kulaks (better off peasants) -They were considered class enemies. The government wanted to build socialism.

3. Stakhanovism - 1935 - Hard work or over-achieving. - A movement that was a new stage in the socialist competition.

4. Command Economy -An economic system in which decisions that pertain to production goes through a main authority. -

5. Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact -August 23rd 1939
-A pact signed by the Soviet Union and Germany. It assured that the Soviet Union would not be involved a European war.
- The pact remained in effect until 22 June 1941, when Germany invaded the Soviet Union.

6. Collectivization - 1928 and 1940 - A plan enforced by Stalin to take individual land and make it into collective farms. - Stripped famers of their land in order to make the Soviet Union a better country.

7. Gulag -1930’s-1950’s -Harsh Labor camps in Siberia. -Was the place that people were sent if they were deported.

8. Totalitarianism -A political system in which the government has complete control over the society. -This was used when (Markiya’s voice) Comrade Stalin was reigning.

9. Industrialization - A process that happens in countries when they start to use machines to do work that was once done by people - Stalin wanted to achieve this by using his Five Year Plan.

10. Five Year Plans -
11. Ukrainian Famine -1932-1933

12. Cheka/NKVD -Formed in 1934 -Stalin’s secret police which he used to spy on officers that he put in charge of things.
- Was used because Stalin was very suspicious of the people he had in charge and he didn’t want anyone to go against him.

13. Cult of Personality
- The use of mass propaganda in order to make the people believe in what the government was proposing. - Used to make Stalin’s image look better.

13. Joseph Stalin -December 18th 1878-March 5th 1953 -He was the General Secretary of the Communist Party.