Russia: Nicholas Ii of Russia and World War Essay

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February 1917 was a massive upheaval for the people of Russia, especially in Petrograd. For years tension had been brewing due to the effects of many different aspects of life in Russia, like the personality of the Tsar and the inconsistency of the Duma. There was also the impact of the years of 1906-1914, and also, maybe most importantly the effects of World War One on Russia. All this led to what is widely referred to as a revolution, but how far should the First World War be responsible for the downfall of the Romanov Dynasty?

The Revolution was triggered by protests with the Industrial Working Class, which stemmed not only from the rumours about the lack of bread, but also from the effects of the 1905 'Revolution' and the impact of 1906-14, which is responsible for a lot of tension and resentment within the country. This period of time produced many long-term problems that made a revolution highly likely even without the outbreak of war.

Before this period, the industrial spurt had offered modernisation to Russia, but could not progress as there was no political or economic commitment to change, showing that the attitude of the Government to reform was hostile and the counter reforms of Alexander II's policies were more favourable. This state of mind was still present after the 1905 'Revolution', even with the economic policies of Witte and Stolypin, and the introduction of the Duma producing important advances. However, the Russian public still had reason for unrest as the Tsarist system was oppressive and…