Russia Ukraine Crisis

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Why Russia-Ukraine crisis was caused by Russia’s attempt to protect its economy and sovereignty.
The topic of international relations has been gaining significance in the modern world following the increase in the popularity of globalization and the need for peaceful coexistence between nations. The high rate of advancement of communication technology, complex global economy, faster means of transport and an increase in value for cooperative relationships are vital to the global society (Almoni 1). A positive relationship between countries, especially the neighboring ones is expected to facilitate the formulation of effective trade agreements. In addition, the issue of immigration or movement of people from one country to another cannot
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This implies that the majority of the Russian population supports the government’s decision to deploy military to Crimea.
Relevant international agreements
There are two key international agreements that have been closely associated with the ongoing crisis between Russia and Ukraine. The first agreement concerns the treaty made by the two countries to allow Russia to establish its naval base in Crimea in exchange for discounted natural gas. In this treaty, Ukraine would get a 30 discount on natural gas bought from Russia in exchange for permission to develop the Russian naval base in Sevastopol’s Black Sea (Watson 1)The agreement was named as the Ukrainian-Russian Partition Treaty. The agreement allowed Russia to retain a maximum of 25,000 naval troops 132 armored vehicles, 24 artillery systems, and 22 military planes at its naval base until 2042 (Watson 1). However, the government of Russia has violated the agreement and sent more military officers in Crimea, who have been killing the Crimean and Ukrainian military officers in the region. This has motivated the government of Ukraine to withdraw its military officers and their families from Crimean with the objective of saving their lives.
The second agreement and the involvement of IGOs
The second agreement pertaining to the issue of Russia-Ukraine crisis was made under the witness of the European Union and representatives of