Essay Russian Empire and Fascinating Places

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Jordan Greer

Russia “We should be used to it," Tatiana reasons. "There have always been lines separating us from the rest of the world, whether they were satin ribbons or iron rails.”
― Sarah Miller, The Lost Crown. What is it that is separated from the rest of world according to Sarah Miller? It is Russia. This is the only country that stretches across two continents, Europe and Asia. Russia also borders fifteen countries. This fascinating country is known as the Land of the Czars. Russia has a Legacy of Transitions. First this country was called Rus, then Russia, Next the Soviet Union, again Russia, then U.S.S.R., then again Russia, again U.S.S.R., and finally Russia. Russia is varied in people, faith, and culture. There are amazing animals in Russia only found here. Russia became a powerful empire, going through wars, invasions, and ruthless leaders. Russia contains fascinating Places, Interesting Cultures, Awesome Animals, and Ruthless Military History. Russia is home to many people such as the Tartars, the Ukrainians, the Chuvash, the Bashkir, and the Moldavians. Russia contains a colourful blend of people; it can go from tall blonds to short Asians. Most Russians live in the European part of Russia. Russians speak a Slavick language with their own Cyrillic alphabet which comes from Saint Cyril who translated the gospel into Russian. Even though they try to be completely Communist, their language comes from a Saint. Their religion is Russian Orthodox similar to the Roman Catholics. The Russians broke away and created their own religion. The people stand through the two or more hour services. Incense is swung around from the ceiling to make it smell excellent. Easter is the most important holiday. Russians paint extremely intricate designs on their Easter eggs. During the “church” service the priest chants the whole time instead of talking. There are a lot of icons and pictures in the church. All music was considered of the devil. Until 1812, the Russians created their own style. Russia had and has some superior artists such as Tchaikovsky, Mussorgsky, and Rimsky-Korsakov. Their ballet dancers are celebrities. The Russians fancy the circus and it is extremely inexpensive. In Russia soccer is their main sport. In the winter they play ice hockey, sledding, and skiing. As you can see Russia has some fascinating cultures. Russia is filled with numerous fascinating places. The Kremlin is a fortress where the modern federal government is housed. This fortress also holds Lenin’s tomb. St. Basil’s cathedral is a church named after St. Basil. It is a gigantic cathedral. Moscow is Russia’s largest city. Novgorod is referred to as the “Museum City” because it filled with numerous museums. St. Sophia built it in 1045 and it still stands today. Russia has several remarkable places. Astounding animals inhabit Russia. People think the Russian Brown Bear symbolizes Russia – Big, strong, and able to fend off enemies. These Brown Bears can run up to more than thirty mph. Also the Grey Wolf found only in Siberia, is the Villain in most of the Russian fairytales. It has thick fur and the fur turns white when it journeys north. They rarely kill people and that only occurs when they’re starving. The Siberian tiger is another astounding animal in Russia. These Siberian tigers are the largest in the world. They do not live in packs. These tigers usually live alone. In…