Russian Revolution Essay

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Russian Revolution

Levi Farris­ Some socialists believe socialism could not be obtained without violent revolution. Communism is a different type of government. Communism is when wealth is shared equally amongst the country's people. A communist state is a state where the means of production are collectively owned by the society. It has a form of government characterized by single­party rule or dominant­party rule of a communist party a government where everybody sends all their crops, money, ect. to the government who then is supposed to distribute it evenly to everyone. Unfortunately, the idea of fairness was short lived, as many took this as a way to get into the government. They soon corrupted this once glorious system, got intensely strict with their citizens, throwing away freedom of press, freedom of speech, and sometimes freedom of religion.
Before the Russian Revolution of 1917 socialism and communism were just synonyms. Lenin determined that the best way to quell resistance was with what he frankly called “terror”—mass executions, slave labor, and starvation. After seeing that the majority of his countrymen opposed communism even after his military triumph, Lenin concluded that one­party dictatorship must continue until it enjoyed unshakeable popular support.
Communism affected Russian citizen allot. It affected them by the Russian government not doing what they say they are going to do The communist government owned the country's diverse economic assets, controlled the labor force and allocated all resources. It was a command economic system. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia experienced a wild privatization period where a small number of men gained control of Russia's greatest economic assets and made billions in the new market economy.

Renae­ Born with the real name Lev Davidovich Bronstein, was a Russian leader of the Red
Army short after the Russian Revolution. Before then was his past to how he created his new name, Leon Trotsky. Leon Trotsky was born in Yanovka, Ukraine the date of December 7,
1879. His birth took place in the Russian Empire under the care of his parents who were both
Russian farmers. Trotsky was a part of the "South Russian Workers' Union" in 1897. Shortly after he was sent to prison and sent off to Siberia for four years. There he met his first wife
Alexandra Lvovna and had two daughters. Two years while in Siberia, the year of 1902,
Trotsky escaped Siberia leaving behind his family he started there. After his escape is when he changed his name to what it is now. This is when he joined the "Socialist Democratic
Party." Later on in 1903, Leon married his second wife, Natalia Ivanovna, and had two sons.
Later on during the time of August 20, 1940 Leon Trotsky was attacked with an ice pick puncturing his skull by on of the Soviet Union's secret police. The day after so is when Trotsky died at age sixty. Leon Trotsky was focused more on what he did in his life. Teotsky moved back to
Russia during 1905, towards the end of the year he became "leader of the movement." Later on in 1907 Leon escaped from Siberia prison the second time and traveled to Europe for ten years. There he wrote journals for the Russian Revolution. The year of 1917 Teotsky moved to New York after Russian Tsar Nicholas II was overthrown. Once May of 1917 came, Leon
Trotsky named out problems in post­revolutionary Russia. Soon after he joined the Petrograd
Soviet and was announced as chairman. During the same year Trotsky served as a commissar as his first rule. His power as a commissar was to make peace with the Germans and for foreign affairs. A little later on Leon Trotsky was put off of his post for disagreeing with
Lenin about peace with Germany. Later on he was chosen as leader of the Red Army, which took three million to victory. After the White Army surrendered in 1920,