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History 2100 Prof. Hatch Midterm Study Guide **For the midterm, we will conduct a bluebook exchange. You must bring an unmarked, full-sized bluebook and hand it in to the instructor or TA at the beginning of class. There should be no pages torn out of the bluebook. The bluebooks will then be redistributed to the class on a random basis. Because this is an exam requirement, failure to bring/provide an unused bluebook will result in a five-point deduction in your exam grade. The midterm will be held on Wednesday, Oct. 17th. It is closed book/note. There will be two parts to the midterm. All of the items appearing on the midterm will be drawn from those listed below. Part One: Identify and explain the significance of the following terms (90 pts. total). On the midterm, seven of the following terms will appear. You will be asked to write on three of them. Each response will be worth 30 points (for 90 total). Your response should identify the term (or personage, or event) as precisely as possible. It should also, to the extent possible, link it up to the broader issue(s) and/or event(s) to which it is related. Answers should be one or two paragraphs in length. Budget your time wisely. Critical Intelligentsia Plekhanov Narodnaya Volya Rakhmetov 2nd Party Congress Great Reforms St. Petersburg Soviet Sergei Witte Mir Mad Summer Rational Egoism Pugachev Wager on the Strong October General Strike Propagandism Decembrists Nihilism Police Socialism Excitative Terrorism Beiliss Case