Russian Revolution Factual Story Essay

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It was february, the streets of Petrograd were crowded with men and women angrily shouting out their protests and holding up signs against the Tsar. Waiting for them was a group of armed soldiers looking through their iron sights ready for command from their commander standing behind them. Finally, the commander ordered the soldiers to fire, but the soldiers were shaking disorderly and were holding their fire. The commander shouted at the soldiers and reminded them of their punishments if they do not shoot. A few seconds later, gun noises and screams sound waved across of the streets, and the soldiers with their finger holding down the trigger. In front of them, was 50 lifeless bodies laying on the ground.

The next day, people were still protesting on the populated streets of Petrograd. The soldiers once again, standing before their commander and ready to fire. The commander gave the command, but none of the soldiers followed his order. Instead, they turned around and spat at their commander. The soldiers have quit.

Soon after, more and more soldiers followed and joined the protests, and the commander knew that it was getting out of control. A telegram was mailed to Tsar Nicholas, who was trapped on his train from the battle frontline and was powerless. When he received the telegram, he knew that there was nothing he could possibly do. It was all over. The Tsar monarchy was over.

Now that Russia had lost their monarch and was a country without a leader or ruler, the provisional government took control and governed Russia. Political parties also rose, but one named the Bolsheviks stood out of them all. The Bolsheviks were led by a man named Vladimir Lenin, who was a man on a mission. He was also partnered with Leon Trotsky, a man with a silver tongue and combined his party with Lenin. Together, the Bolsheviks became the biggest threat to the Provisional Government.

To eliminate the Bolsheviks, the provisional government accused Lenin as a German spy and Trotsky as an associate. This accusation forced Lenin into hiding, but Trotsky was arrested. The Bolsheviks had lost its power. Months later,…