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Journey of the Self
Kelsey Booth
San Diego State University

One might constitute a heroic journey as that of a Fire Fighter or Doctor, who’s journey has led them to saving hundreds of lives. That same person, may also describe a heroic journey as a personal victory or one that has served the purpose of discovering an individuals self and self-worth. For me, my heroic journey is an ongoing altering path, leading me to self-discovery and pure contentment.
Each and everyday we are on a constant life quest to discover new puzzle pieces that connect, making ourselves a whole. During this process new discoveries are made continuously as one may discover a newfound taste, passion, or may even a new aspect of their personality. As new discoveries are made, it brings us one step closer to encountering a full understanding of one’s self. Over the years I have felt myself become closer in touch with the person I have come to be due to past and present life altering experiences. My knowledge is growing day by day as I make new discoveries in relation to the woman I am turning out to be. I have chosen two symbols, both of which represent self-discovery and endeavors soon to come. When choosing my symbol, two came to mind instantly, the radiant sun and the waves of the ocean.
The sun is a symbol that has been attached to me since birth. My parents consciously devoted the nickname “sunshine girl” to me due to my ability as an infant to light up any room; putting smiles on every ones face. Even at a young age, my parents were convinced that I contained the capability to transform some ones day simply with a smile. For me the sun represents my element (light), which embraces having a welcoming presence, warm heart, and radiant positive attitude. Thus relating to who I am as it connects deeper to my external presence. When turning 18 I decided to get the sun tattooed on my back to serve as a constant reminder to remain optimistic, happy, positive, and light hearted. The sun is exceptionally motivating, as it encourages me to be my best self.
In addition to the sun, I connect profoundly to the waves of the ocean. To me waves represent change, consistency, direction, and travel. Wave currents can change hourly, remain constant, or even result in riptides. Meaning that change is inevitable. It is the only constant we attach ourselves to throughout personal life experiences. There are certain moments in life where you think this is how it is going to be forever, and within an instant the current can alter and you are set on a different path. Or maybe it is the path you were meant to be on all along. This symbol relates to the vicissitudes my life is about to endure. As graduation approaches, my life customs are about to drastically change. The life that I have known for four years is soon to be shifting direction and current. Although change generally evokes fear, this symbol motives me by providing me with a sense of clarity. This is a necessary tool aiding the establishment of the significant comprehension of the self. Currently I can define myself in many ways, specifically by the things I do. However, I feel