The Future Is Now: Adding Online Sales To Company X

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RWT1 Assessment:
The Future is Now: Adding Online Sales to Company X
(Topic 6)
Abbott, Suzanne (Su)
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• Company X is looking to expand into the online world
– What impact would online sales have on Company
– What are pros and cons to having an online presence? – How does one run a successful online advertising/selling campaign?

• Recommendations

Main Topics/Findings
• Impact of online sales to company
– Both the online side of the company and the brickand-mortar

• Pros and cons to marketing (Advertising) and selling online
– Cost v benefits

• Requirements for a successful online campaign
– How to make it work

Online Presence for Company X
• It is recommended that the company begin pushing toward an online presence
– Purchasing the domain (ideas: or is the first step
• Hire a team to create the initial offerings online, to make it crisp and concise and functional

– Communicate the future changes to the current customers, get feedback on what they would like to see
• Get input on what they would like and expect

– Marketing and advertising online and in the physical world
• How will marketing toward one impact the life of the other

Pros and Cons of Online
• It is recommended that Company X begin an online marketing campaign to help cultivate a more known presence – Market the online store via the online portal and vice versa: indicate to physical customers that they can shop online as well
– The cost of online advertising can be greater or lesser depending on where and how the advertising is done
– Determine target market and utilize this