Ryan: High School Essay

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Growing To The Challenge

Ever since I was a little boy I’ve always been expected to accomplish great things. As I grew up my parents tried to do the best for me academically. I wasn’t always the smartest kid in the class and I wasn’t the student of the year either. As I progressed through school, things didn’t quite get any better for me; I started failing and getting into all sorts of trouble. So my parents decided to pull out of my school placing me else where for a fresh start. The new school was a drastic change, and my intentions for school changed in the blink on an eye. During the same time as school I was involved in basketball, which made me grow as a person. Basketball thought me how to be a good leader and take action when needed. I gained other qualities form being involved in basketball such as teamwork, honesty, and to be fair. While playing basketball and going to school, my grades and I, as a person, matured and grew. As the years passed I moved to a different school, once more changing the path of my future. Living the life of a teenager, my mind became more focused and felt obligated to do my best in school. As I worked my up through high school more opportunities were brought to light and I felt that it was an advantage, I felt that it was the right thing to accept them. I managed to get my way into the freshman basketball team that year , I came out the captain and most valuable player of the year. During that year I struggled academically but pushed my way through and came to be more successful than I had planned to be. The following year of high school I was recognized as a student and was given the chance to participate in an international trip.