S2-23 Detective Crime Court Cases

Words: 399
Pages: 2

S2-23 Detective Crime FINAL DRAFT.

Ernie’s Lunchroom: I believe customer “C” is guilty. The first piece of evidence shown is the hand on the wall. The report says “The murderer had leaned against the wall firing. The picture shows a right-hand marker on the wall. Concluding, the gunman is left-handed. The second piece of evidence is the silverware. The silverware is always on the right-hand side unless you are left-handed. The “C” is the only one that has his silverware on the left-hand side. This is important because the gunman is left-handed. Lastly, the evidence says “The murderer was firing at a blank range”. To kill Frannie and steal the money, he had to get behind the counter and Frannie was on the way. Slip or Trip? I believe that Charles