Essay on SCMP1 Assessment and planning with young people

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Cross refern 2.3 -3.1
Confidentiality myst remain at all times during g assessment, equal opportunities must be practised at all times ensuring all young people receive equal access, consider their culture background, learning needs and any disability. Be positive focusing on their strengths and not their weakness, and always use an holistic approach you need to look at the child as a whole.
Young people and children are affected by wide variety of personal and external factors in their development and are conditioned by variants such as family environment and education establishments.
As a child is developing in the womb, its development can be affected at this time, for instance if the mother smokes or uses drugs or excessive
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It works with a wide variety of agencies to provide an holistic service from GP’s to musicians, and specialist sports facilities such as trampoline to give the young person a varied opportunities to try different things.
It its acknowledged that our working practice can affect a children’s and young people development we need to be aware of what these factors are that can affect this. Where I work in Clayfields we observe young people in the play area to make sure that they are physically participating in activities such as football, basketball or rounder’s to ensure they are getting the right amount of physical interaction to maintain a level of fitness.
Making sure that the environment the child is in is safe, welcoming and stimulating providing a variety of different activities that will help a child development. In the environment I work the children’s work is displayed in a bright and colourful way, there is a notice board for them to place their individual and group work upon and it keep them informed of any relevant events that come up such as Black history month . The classrooms are set out in a way that grabs their attention, changing with the relevant topics we cover for example Black history month. Being inclusive and providing a range of activities for all genders and cultures can have an impact on their wellbeing making sure we celebrate all faiths and religions and providing