SM Jaleel Project Essay

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SM Jaleel & Company Ltd , affectionately known as SMJ, is one of the oldest and largest manufacturers of nonalcoholic drinks in the English speaking Caribbean. Since their inception in 1924, their wide portfolios of beverages have become household names across the Caribbean, and are currently distributed to over 60 countries worldwide.
Their products span a host of carbonated soft drinks, exotic fruit juices, purified and flavoured water, energy drinks, and other fruit flavoured beverages. Every stage of production is owned by the esteemed SM Jaleel & Company Ltd. SMJ manufacture its own PET (plastic) bottles, tetra packs (juice boxes), and the cans that their wide variety of products are packaged in. As such, the company enjoys iconic
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In the Carbonated Soft Drinks there are a wide array of flavors available. The flavors include;
Action Apple, Bubble Gum, Bubbly Cream Soda, Megastar Mango, Merenguito, Purple Power, Rock N Rolla Cola, Sorrel Soda, Tutti Frutti, Kola Champagne, Blueberry Blast, Fresa Strawberry, Go Bananas, Martian Magic, Green Crush, Orango Tango, Pineapple Sunshine, Poppin Pear. These are the flavors which have been made available in the Caribbean.
In Latin America some additional flavors are available with some being omitted, they include;
Fresa Strawberry, Martian Magic Green Crush, Cream Scream Soda, Fruit Punch Soda, Cola Soda, Blueberry Blast, Bubbly, Cream Soda, Go Bananas, Megastar Mango, Merenguito, Orango Tango, Pineapple Sunshine, Poppin Pear, Sorrel Soda, Action Apple, Bubble Gum, Kola Champagne. This shows that SMJ practices what is called market segmentation. They strategically position there products to meet their target audience, by bundling different flavors and in some instances same flavor but different names. Product bundle should meet the needs of a particular target market. For example, a luxury product should create just the right image for “customers who have everything,” while many basic products must be positioned for the price conscious consumers. This is demonstrated in my opinion by the availability of FRUTA and Caribbean Cool. Caribbean Cool is the economical re fruit drinks while FRUTA is the luxurious premium