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Once upon a time, in a the faraway kingdom of Trigonometry, there lived a princess named SOHCAHTOA. She was the daughter of King Opposite and Queen Adjacent. Also in this magical Kingdom, lived an evil gremlin named Hypotenuse, who put a sleeping spell over the King and Queen.

SOHCAHTOA woke up that morning and did her usual morning routine. She would shower, get dressed, and eat her breakfast all before 10 o’clock. As SOHCAHTOA was walking around the house she noticed the house was too quiet and wondered where everyone is. SOHCAHTOA walked to her parent’s room she opened the door and saw everyone around the bed. Everyone turned to SOHCAHTOA with a concerned face. “What’s the problem?” said SOHCAHTOA. No one said a word but the maid of the
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SOHCAHTOA ripped open the envelope and started reading the letter. “Dear SOHCAHTOA, for many years you and your family have been living an easy life. Now after many years of neglecting the townspeople it is time to get a taste of your own medicine. Meet me in the Black Forest at 0:00 to negotiate what’s going to happen.” SOHCAHTOA closes the letter and walks up to her parent’s bed. The family doctor walks up to SOHCAHTOA “I’m sorry to tell you this but Hypotenuse has put a sleeping spell on your Father, and Mother.” SOHCAHTOA stares at her parent’s lifeless bodies and starts quietly sobbing. After hours of uncontrollable crying SOHCAHTOA leaves the dreaded room. SOHCAHTOA leaves her family estate into the courtyard wonderland. Lights brighten up the area showing off the brick groundwork, plants trimmed neatly and placed accordingly. SOHCAHTOA walks past the beautiful courtyard walks into the garage. The massive white …show more content…
Caution signs are put up all over the forest to turn back after the mining accident that claimed over a hundred people’s lives. SOHCAHTOA pulls over to the side of the road to wait the last ten minutes before twelve. While waiting for the gremlin SOHCAHTOA pulls out a pack of Marlboro’s to try to relive the major stress that has built up. Out of the darkness a small black figure comes out and stands in front of the car. SOHCAHTOA gets out of the car tosses the cigarette and approaches the dark figure. “Good, you made it on time” said Hypotenuse SOHCAHTOA didn’t reply but stared at the tiny gremlin. “What do you want?” SOHCAHTOA asked. “Nothing much” replied the gremlin “Just your hand in marriage so I can become King of Trigonometry.”No way in Hell am I marrying you! Said SOHCAHTOA. “Well in that case may your parents enjoy their eternal slumber.” “How did you do it?” Asked SOHCAHTOA.” “It was very easy, people are so easy to bribe now, everyone has a price.” Hypotenuse turns away from SOHCAHTOA and starts walking away back into the darkness. “Wait!” shouted SOHCAHTOA. The gremlin turned around with a smirk on his face. “I’ll only marry you only if you promise to wake my parents up from your sleeping spell.” “You