SS1611 leelokyiu Essay

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SS1611 Movies and Psychology
Story Book
Movie Title:The Shawshank Redemption

Student Name:Lee Lok Yiu
Student Number:53057085
Teacher Name :Dr. Andus Wong

Summary of the movie

The story begins with a young and successful banker Andy Dufresne whose life changes dramatically when he is convicted of the murderer of his wife and her secret lover. Therefore, Andy is sent to Shawshank Prison to be permanently sentenced despite his claims of innocence. During time in prison, Andy builds up friendship with Red, who is Shawshank’s black market dealer that could supply anyone with almost everything. Therefore, Andy also has to face the cruel(Do you need to use this word?) reality: a corrupt warden and guards as well as prisoners who
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Brooks works at a grocery store and he is too old to keep up with busyness of the store. He wishes to go back in Shawshank Prison and the letter he writes to his friends in jail stating that he jokingly plans to bring the gun and shoot the manager for the sake of going back“home”. Unfortunately, Brooks cannot endure the pressure of the stressful world and he commits suicide.

Personal reflection

I think everyone, including me, has had tough times or faced challenges in our life. We feel depressed or even losing confidence in our lives. To me, the movie The Shawshank Redemption conveys a meaningful message of the power of hope. We should not give up easily. Just like, the main character Andy Dufresne does not give away hopes in the most hopeless situation. He retains his desire of freedom and keeps working for it. Andy uses the hammer to dig the wall and he has spent 20 years to dig through the wall. Finally, he escapes successfully from the prison and regain the precious freedom. Andy’s hope helps him get through prison life, regain the freedom and fulfill his dream. This reminds me that whenever I am experiencing difficult times or encountering obstacles, no matter how bad the situation is, I should not give up easily but keep working hard for it. I realize that these difficulties and obstacles would make me stronger if I approach things with positive attitudes. Hope gives me the will to live, as Andy says“Hope is