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Halima Ahmed
Lucinda Well
English 80
10 October 2013

Character sketch draft2
Fartun and I have been friends since we were in grade four. Fartun is really pretty. And chubby, but her body have a shape that's why she is sexy. She has a small face of medium sharp nose, pouty lips and beautiful brown eyes. She has dark block hair up to her shoulder. She always wears dress because it gives her more confidence when she walks or when she is in a gathering. Her height is just like me .I really like her legs because her calf is small. She is the first born child of her parents after 6 years of faithful waiting. She grew up close to God. She had been dreaming of becoming a nun someday which her parents didn't like.
Fartun she is supportive, caring, smart, funny and most important thing she is responsible and honest person I ever be with. Always she tell her honest opinion what she feel .I consider fartun not only my best friend she also my sister too .fartun and I get closer easily compared to the others. We contact each other frequently. We were both exited if we met each other. We share the same hobbies. She like to read Qur’an whenever she got free time and teach me how to Qur’an. On weekend we go to mosque which her father owned, sometime we go there, talk about religion and ask question.
Fartun she is not only honest, she also supportive person. She always supports me in everything I want to do. Not many girls in our group of friends wants to be a doctor, but when I