Sacred Story Essay

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Sacred Story

Cosmology is the study of the origins and the progression of the universe. There are many stories and beliefs as to how the universe came to be. It is often referred to as the First Cause; an event that caused the universe to exist. Many individuals believe that this something is God. The majority of Christians believe that God is the being that created the heavens and the earth; that all things on earth were a part of God's plan. While others believe in the Big Bang Theory and that humans came to be through evolution.
Christians believe that God was the creator of all things in the universe and made humans in his own image starting with Adam and Eve. He separated the oceans and the skies; put vegetation in the ground and fruit in the trees. He made animals to live on the earth and in the oceans. God made the earth so plentiful for humans so that they could be fruitful and multiple.
Other religions believe that the universe was created by the Big Bang Theory. This theory states that the universe was created over billion years ago from a violent explosion of a very small amount of matter of extremely high density and temperature and that the universe is always expanding.
Evolution is an alternate theory as to how humans came to exist. It is said that human beings evolved from and apelike ancestor that lived on the earth several million years ago. Through a combination of environmental and genetic factors, the human species emerged and created the different