Sacrifice In Lord Of The Flies

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Practice Identifying ICE Go to the document that your team was assigned…
❖ Highlight the Introduction in YELLOW
❖ Highlight the Quote in RED
❖ Highlight the Explaination in BLUE
❖ Then answer the question that follows Team 1 Sacrifice is a theme in Myers’ “Kitty and Mack: A Love Story.” For instance, Kitty is an intelligent girl with a very promising academic future. However, after Mack is shot, she stops going to school in order to show Mack how much she loves him. For example, Kitty tells her grandFather, “I decided to stay home from now on and take care of Mack (p 96)”. In other words, in order to help Mack through this difficult time, Kitty is willing to sacrifice her education. What type of citation is this? How do you know? Direct, the citation is only at the end of the quote.


Team 2 Ralph is described as athletic, and charismatic in the Lord of the Flies. He was also the one who brought the rest of the boys together with the blowing of the conch. It seemed only natural that he would be elected the leader of the bos at the beginning of the nove. Piggy and
Jack could also have been elected the leaders. But as the boys are deciding who to elect,
Ralph is observed as having more to offer than the others; “But there was a stillness about
Ralph as he sat that marked him out: there was his size, and attractive appearance; and most obscurely, yet most powerfully, there was the conch (Golding, 22) What type of citation is this? How do you know? direct because the quote is at the end

Team 3 Leper Leppelier is a soft­spoken, sensitive boy whose gentle personality and naive view of the world doesn’t fit in easily at Devon and eventually led him to join the army without understanding the terrors he will face there. While the other boys are playing blitzball, Leper tags along on the perimeter of the game, oblivious to the competition. During chapel, Leper makes sketches of birds and trees in his book. Leper loves nature. During the first heavy snow at Devon, as the boys are on their way to help shovel snow, Leer stays behind on his touring skis looking to find a beaver dam. Leer is so naive that when the boys watch an army recruiting film that features pristine mountains and crisp white slopes with army skiers, he decides to enlist. The ski movie had decided him. “I always thought the war would come for me when it wanted me,” he said when it came to say goodbye the last day (Knowles, 126). he doesn’t understand what he will face. He believes the propaganda in the film and expects to find the same beauty that is portrayed there once he gets to the front. When confronted with the gruesome reality of war, he cannot handle it. Leeper sends a telegram to Gene telling that he is at Christmas location, his home in Vermont. He has been released on a
Section 8 discharge, insane and emotionally unable to handle the horror that he has witnessed. What type of citation is this? How do you know? embedded citation

Team 4
When describing the character