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Saddam Hussein al-Tikriti was born on April 28, 1937, and he spent his childhood in the village of Al-Ouja, northern of Iraq as the son of underprivileged farmers. He grew up under the strong influence of his uncle
Khayrallah Tulfah who increased young Saddam’s interest in politics. Saddam
Hussein rose from a impoverished youth to become a ruthless ruler. He instituted a brutal dictatorship and directed intensive campaigns against minorities within Iraq, particularly the Kurds. U.S. fears regarding his development of weapons of mass destruction led to Western sanctions against Iraq. Because of Saddam Hussein's was being involved many times with crime such as being unfair, dictatorial, and dangerous, he was a bad president. Hussein himself was a troubled unfair man. He was the paranoid ruler of a poor country, but he was quite rich. He had so much money that his people even had no idea what he was worth. He had more than 40 palaces in
Iraq,and about 15 of those are in Baghdad. His people were living in

the devastation, but he was living in paradise. His family was right with him.
Nearly all of his immediate family was in power, but Saddam was not afraid of killing any one of them if they did something he didn't agree with. Most accounts of Saddam's rise to power in his time as leader of Iraq indicated that he constantly used murder, torture, lies, and terror to achieve his goals. In addition to these hard facts, his physical characteristics, mannerisms, and naive attempts at portraying himself as a great hero and leader (even God-like) made him more susceptible to criticism and contempt by the world.

He was the most dictatorial and maniacal man in the world. While distanced from Islamic extremists, he had not stopped developing biological, chemical and nuclear weapons. His connection to September 11th is unsure, but assuredly he would have done the same thing if he could have. Saddam had readily weapons of mass destruction against his own people. He had run
Iraq for 23 years. Lots of Iraqi people were scared of him. He had killed and tortured many of his enemies. He had burnt towns to the ground, and persecuted some ethnic groups. His opponents had not come up with anyone strong enough to overthrow him. Saddam used fear to contain his people from rebelling against him. He used means of torture, propaganda, and many mass murders which created a harsh climate in Iraq, and named him as a dictator.

Throughout the last thirty years, many