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World History: Beginnings to 1750
Saddleback College
HIST 4 - 15005

Course Information
Instructor: Christina Ghanbarpour (GONE-bar-poor)
Class Meetings: TTH 12:00PM - 1:15 in HS 207
Office/Hours: BGS 302/TTH 10:00-11:00 am and by appointment

This class covers developments in world history from the earliest human societies to 1750. Students will apply a range of historical materials to the study of diverse time periods and societies; class participation is essential. We will watch videos, analyze art and architecture, study material culture, and discuss a range of scholarly materials over the course of the class. Topics include early settlements, agriculture, government, religion, war, games, and women’s and men’s roles in society (=gender).

Students who complete History 4 will be able to critically analyze, using historical evidence, three major turning points in world history before 1750. In addition, students will learn methodologies common to professional historians (including research, critical analysis, and synthesis), and will be able to investigate, differentiate, and synthesize historical evidence.

System Requirements You will need email access, Internet access, and the ability to view Word, PowerPoint, and .pdf documents. You will need Internet access to view documents on Blackboard every week. If you have any difficulty meeting these requirements, contact the instructor immediately.

Grading Policy Your grade in the class is out of 100 points, which are divided up as follows:
Participation 20
Quizzes (6 out of 8, 5 points each) 30
Group Projects (2 projects, 5 pts/each) 10
Midterm, in-class exam 20
Final +20
TOTAL 100 points Participation Only participation counts in this class; you do not receive credit for “just showing up.” It is recommended that students attend all classes, complete the reading assignments before the class for which they are assigned, and meaningfully participate in class discussions in order to fulfill this requirement. Lateness, numerous absences, partial attendance and disruptive behavior will affect your participation grade.

Quizzes There will be eight quizzes during the semester; the two lowest grades will be dropped. The questions will be drawn from the readings that are due the week the quiz is given. There will be one optional make-up quiz on the last day of classes (open to all students). All other missed quizzes will count as the student’s lowest grades (except quizzes missed for religious holidays)!

Group Projects There will be two in-class group projects. Students will investigate an historical area or event using their notes, textbook, and primary-source materials such as pictures, maps and texts. Students will use these materials to come up with a 5-minute presentation that introduces their topic to the rest of the class. Group projects are worth 5% of your grade and cannot be made up. Further instructions are online in the Course Resources folder and will be distributed on the day the project is due (see Course Schedule, below).

Midterm and Final Exams
Exams consist of multiple-choice and essay questions. Further information and a study guide will be provided closer to the exam dates.
Students who cannot attend an exam must contact the instructor in advance to reschedule.
Make-up exams are only given for exceptional circumstances and only with appropriate documentation (e.g., a doctor’s note).

Readings Required text: Worlds Together, Worlds Apart: From the Beginnings to the Present (use this ISBN code to find the correct book online: 9780393922073). Other readings that are listed in the course schedule are required and are located in the Readings folder on Blackboard.

This book is available in ebook and hard copy formats and is on reserve in the library. The ebook may be purchased online at A free online guide to help you with the textbook is available. It is optional. The website has a