Sadness and Necklace Essay

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"The Necklace" Summary and Response

This story centers around a woman who wants a life filled with glitz and glamour. She feels as if that lifestyle was meant for her, she just was born into the wrong family; a family of clerks. She ends up marrying a clerk, but still in her adulthood still yearns for the better things in life and thinks she is more than deserving of them. Her huband brings home an invitation to a very exclusive, high class ball. To his dismay, his wife is actually sad to hear this news, saying that she has nothing appropriate to wear. She manages to talk him into buying her a dress with money he had set aside to buy a gun. Even with her beautiful, new dress she is unhappy because she lacks accessories and fears being bland compared to the other guests. The clerk suggest she borrow some jewelery from a friend because they can not afford to purchase the type of jewelry she desires. She goes through with this plan and borrows a diamond necklace. The two attend the ball and she has a great time, as she is the center of attention and the recipient of many compliments. The husband retires for the night as his wife continues to dance the night away. As the night draws to an end, she notices she lost the necklace. The two search for it, but come up empty-handed. They then look for a replacement which will take them ten years to pay off. They purchase it, return it to her friend, and then for ten years they ay their dues. After this period, the wife tells her