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Amanda Hill: AG Period 5
SAE PROJECT This year for my SAE project I would like to do a steer. The scope of my animal is one head. To take care of this steer, I will be down at the farm everyday walking, bathing, exercising, and practicing with him for show. My project would start in October and will end in July 2014. I plan on going to Orange County Fair, and showing my animal there. I will do this by raising my animal and making sure it makes weight for fair. The people that would be involved in my SAE would be my parents, and my FFA advisors, and I. I would be taking care of my animal by feeding, cleaning, and bathing him. My parents would be bringing me too and from school to take care of my project, my FFA advisors would be helping me by taking my animal to different fairs and giving me advise. My SAE will be completed at Sonora High School. The facilities that will be needed for my project are a pen, water, and feed. The materials that I will need for this year’s project are a rope halter, scotch comb, a show halter, a show stick, shampoo/conditioner, and ring worm medicine. I do not need a loan for my project this year, my steer was privately bought. The skills I would learn from completing the SAE would be learning how to show a market steer, tying his head up earlier in the project so he keeps his head up in the show ring for long periods of time. I also would learn a bigger better understanding of large animals for my agricultural career I hope to pursue.…