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Safe haven
Nicholas Sparks
March 2014

Safe haven is a novel written by Nicholas Sparks. It is about a 27 year old woman named Erin, who escapes an abusive marriage and finds herself in a small town, changing her name to Katie, hiding from her past but also falling in love with a widowed man and his family.

When i read this text it made me feel sorrow for Erin, I felt this way because Kevin, her ‘husband’ abused her physically and mentally. He would not let her leave and her once said ‘If you ever run away again then ill hunt you down, being the good detective i am, hurt everyone who helped you run away, and everyone you care about.’ I felt sorrow that she thought everything was her fault; He wouldn't let her get a job because people might of seen the bruises and known that she was getting abused by him, but then he’d complain about not having enough money. I feel that Erin did the right thing by running away and not turning back even when she had the chance, she gave herself a new start, that’s what i think she deserved because nobody deserves to get abused for not having dinner on the table as soon as their partner gets home.

The text also made me think about the different kinds of love that there are. Nicholas Sparks deeply covers both kinds of love; firstly he informed me on the twisted evil kind of love that we don’t usually see; like the way Kevin abuses Erin, but he also introduces the warm, romantic kind of love’ like the connection between Katie…