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In Nicholas Sparks book, Safe Haven, the desire to be loved is purposely designed to intrigue the readers and correlated to recover pain. The three main themes in this daring love story represent love, fear, and bravery. I feel that these three themes relate to this affirming and suspenseful story all throughout the novel. You learn how strong the power of love can be between two people, even when terror and fear try to tear them apart. The theme of love, fear, and bravery are beautifully constructed in Safe Haven and help to enhance its equality, content, and feeling.

You cannot have a novel based on a love story without love. You learn throughout this heartfelt story, love is one’s safe haven. Love is patient and love is kind. That is why it is the stories main theme. When Alex first meets Katie, it becomes love at first sight for him which makes him scared, especially because of his past relationship. His wife and mother to his two children had died previously to cancer. He realizes he’s doing things for Katie that he would have done for his wife, trying to make her comfortable in this new town, providing her with things she might need including a bike to help her get around. Even though Katie tried to distance herself from everyone and everything, Alex did whatever he could to get her attention. Love truly brings out the best in people, it shows everyone who you truly are, that is what made Katie start to fall in love with Alex. Destiny will take its path for whatever it has in store for you. Katie soon realizes she must choose between a life of transient safety and one of risk rewards, that in the darkest hour, love is the only true safe haven.

Fear is another main theme throughout the novel. Katie had a very dark past, she lives in fear everyday even after meeting Alex and beginning to fall in love. She still struggles with the dark secret that still haunts and terrifies her. She has to live with the fear everyday that her abusive husband might find her. Not only does fear surround Katie but Alex as well, and that fear is falling in love again. After losing his wife, Alex not only went through a very difficult time but so did his children. Alex lost his wife, his children lost their mom, and the whole small town they live in lost a beloved friend. The fear of losing someone like that again is heavily on Alex’s shoulders as he starts to fall in love with Katie. Not only is he worried about the pain and sadness he overcame coming back again, he’s worried about his children going through it again as well. Alex soon finds about Katie’s past in an unfair way. The fear he had all along hit him hard in the chest. The fear of putting himself and children in danger was unbearable. That is when bravery hits this thrilling love story which is the last main theme in the novel.

Bravery makes it way through in multiple ways between Alex and Katie. The bravery and courage it takes to run away from not only an abusive person but an abusive husband is terrifying along with the chance of them finding you. Katie showed herself as an inspiration throughout the whole novel from bravery to courage, fearful to heartfelt. She did things that women all over the world that are in the same situation