Essay on Safe Leatning Envoirnment

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In this reflective account I will discuss and explain the key policies and legislations which are put together to promote a quality provision for young children. I will also examine the different strategies and practices used to promote young children’s learning. Policies I have collected three different policies from my setting, behaviour, safeguarding and equal opportunities. The main aim of this behaviour policy is: teachers and children respecting each others, preventing bullying, children learning discipline, taking action on bad behaviour, teachers creating a safe and learning environment for children. Children who have done well during the week will have their names announced at a special assembly. “emotional and social competence and well-being has a wide range of educational and work success, improved behaviour, increased inclusion, improved learning , greater social cohesion, increased social capital and improvements to mental health” (SEAL Weare and GRAY 2003), no page number). There are no legislations used in this policy but when this policy will be updated, the setting can look at other national policies and pedagogies to help them provide quality provision. Such as Every Child Matters agenda, SEAL, EPPE, As change for children paper (2003) has implemented five outcomes for children to achieve, these are “be healthy, stay safe, enjoy and achieve, make positive contribution, and achieve economic well being”(ECM: CC, pg 9). This policy is promoting good 'quality' in giving children opportunities in making relationships, good level of achievements, good learning environment and learning boundaries. EPPE (2003) has defined quality as having good qualified staff, giving equal opportunities, partnership with parents. Safeguarding policy uses different guidance (see appendix). There are no legislations used in this policy, but by reading this policy it links within ECM agenda. ECM has designed “five key themes”, providing services to parents and children, early intervention, affordable services, quality provision and “strong foundations in the early years”( Pugh 2010, pg9). This policy can be referred to children act 2004. the main aim of this Act is To develop all the services for children, support “early intervention”, have good level of leadership in every services and multi – agency work. (CYPP, no year, page 1). Section 13 – 16 of children act 2004 outlines the importance of having local safeguarding child board for every setting, LSCB 's role is to promote every child's well being, and to protect children from harm and abuse. The main aim of this policy is to train and support staff, provide safe environment, follow child protection issues, support vulnerable and invulnerable children. This leads to good level of quality provision for children. This policy is covering the five outcomes of ECM and contributing to high standard of provision in recruiting highly qualified staff. Equal