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Section 1.

The act brought all local government functions of children's welfare and education under the statutory authority of local Directors of Children's Services.


The Children Act 2004 identifies and places a responsibility on child practitioners to work together to help a child meet the following five priority outcomes:

•Be healthy- this includes
Physically healthy
Mentally and emotionally healthy
Sexually healthy
Healthy lifestyle

•Stay safe- this includes
Safe from maltreatment, neglect, violence and sexual exploitation
Safe from accidental injury and death
Safe from bullying and discrimination
Safe from crime and antisocial behaviour out of school
Have security and stability to protect from the areas above

•Enjoy and achieve- this includes
Ready for all aspects off school
Attend and enjoy school
Achieve stretching national educational standards
Achieve personal and social development and enjoy recreation

•Make a positive contribution- this includes
Engage in decision making and support the community and environment
Engage in law-abiding and positive behaviour in and out of school
Develop positive relationships and choose not to bully and discriminate
Develop self-confidence and successfully deal with significant life changes and challenges
Develop enterprising behaviour

•Achieve economic wellbeing- this includes
Engage in further education, employment or training on leaving school
Ready for employment
Live in decent homes and sustainable communities
Access to transport and material goods
Live in households free from low income

Practitioners will be expected to agree between them who are the best person to lead the support being given to an individual child at any one point in time. This "lead professional" may change as the child’s needs change and develop.


(Outcome definitions) To ensure that, within this partnership working, safeguarding children continues to be given priority the Act places a responsibility for key agencies to have regard to the need to safeguard children and promote their welfare in exercising their normal functions.


The purpose of these legislations, policies and procedures and guidelines are put in place to promote children’s wellbeing and education by giving local authorities boundaries and also to offer help for those authorities. The act provides services based around the needs of children and young people, and their families. Every child matters aim is to provide the basis to help children achieve and be successful. Also to keep children out of harm.
The EYFS is based around the 5 outcomes to help children develop and achieve in the early years of learning.

In your policies and procedures it is important that you state clearly what action to take and the steps in which they should be taken, also you should state who the safeguarding officer is.
In your policies and procedures you need to include:
• Communication – to staff, parents and children and young people. Consider different communication needs and methods. Tell everyone why procedures are needed and answer any questions they may have.
• Training and awareness – for all workers at the initial stage and then on a continuous basis for updating staff. Specific training for those with lead or named responsibility for child protection.
• Induction – new workers need to have safeguarding procedures and…