Essay on Safeguarding: Abuse and Social Services

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1.1 Schools around the world must develop arrange of polices which ensure the safety of the children and young people including e-safety.

Polices which safeguard
Schools must develop a range of polices which ensure the safety, security well-being of their pupils. These will be set out the responsibilities of staff and the procedures that they must follow. Polices may be separate or incorporated into one and health and safety policy but they must include sections which cover the following issues:
 E-safety
 Bullying, cyber bullying
 Safeguarding and protecting the procedures for reporting
Adults within the school have the responsibilities to safeguard the welfare of children.
Schools have a responsibility to:
 Know support and protect children who are identified as been at a greater risk- that is on the (at risk register).
 Monitor, keep records and share appropriate information with other agencies
 Provide opportunities for professional training of all the staff relating to safeguarding
 Put in place a policies and also security system for e-learning and activities for training the children using filtering software.
 Observe the signs for abuse that may have been happening, changes in the children’s behaviour or failure to thrive and refer any concerns
Children’s act of 1989- Parents and also professionals must work together to ensure the safety of a child. However the local authority has a duty to investigate when there is cause to suspect that a child maybe suffering or has been harmed.

The education act 2002- the sets out of responsibility of the local education authorities (LEAS) governing bodies head teacher and all those people working in schools should ensure that children and safe and are out of harm.
The child act of 2004- this provides the legal framework for every child. It also includes the requirement for service to work more closely, forming and integrated service.
Working together to safeguarding children of 2006- duties of this organisation and how they must work together and safeguard young children and young people.

Social services are there to offer support to a child and also the setting. Social services have the right and power to investigate any suspected behaviour from carers, children or the setting Child protection investigation unit (CPIU)
This unit is run by the police who have the power to investigate,