Safeguarding Children Essay

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Forms of Abuse and Neglect

Abuse and neglect are both forms of maltreatment of a child.
There are four forms of abuse inflicted on a child they are defined in the Working Together to Safeguard Children 2010

1. Physical abuse 2. Emotional abuse 3. Sexual abuse 4. Neglect
Bullying is not classed as a form of abuse in working together but bullying can be made up of one or two three or all of the above definitions so we will include bullying but let’s first take a look at the more recognised forms of abuse.

Physical Abuse
Physical abuse can take on any form from: * Suffocating * Kicking/punching * Giving Hitting * Shaking throwing burning * Scalding * Poisoning * Drowning drugs/alcohol * Any other form of inflicting pain or injury on a child

Emotional Abuse/Verbal Abuse

Emotional abuse is the constant mistreatment of a child that can have catastrophic effects on the child and can also take on one two three or all of the above definitions
Persistent maltreatment in many different forms: * Verbal abuse * Making fun of the child * Cyber-bullying and bullying * Deliberately making the child be silent so as to not express their views or opinions * Making them feel un-loved/un-wanted * Intimidating them so much so they are frightened

Sexual Abuse

Sexual assault is enticing a child or forcing oneself onto them through violence or penetration from sex, oral sex or rape each action involves physical contact non –contact includes involving the
Looking at or the production of sexual images (pornographic) or grooming a child in preparation for abuse


Neglect is the failure to provide a child with basic health physical and physiological needs that are so important for their development physically and mentally. Lack of food, warmth and shelter (abandonment) or medical care is all forms of neglect along with the lack of response to their emotional needs


Bullying is a repeatedly hurtful act the main types are * Physical (hitting, kicking) * Verbal (racist threats, name calling) * Emotional (being made to feel like a social outcast)


Although e-bullying is not on most lists of a form of buying it is becoming a widespread social problem which does not have any laws but the crime is covered under harassment and personal threats lawE-bullying comes in the form of: * Mobile phones * Instant messaging * e-mail * chat rooms * social networking sites(Facebook, twitter)

Signs and Symptoms

Physical abuse * Un-explained brusing,marks or injuries * Bruises in clusters(normally on upper arms or thighs) * Clear indicative shape of Cigarette burns * Scalds and multiple burns

Changes in behaviour can also point to physical abuse * Big fear of a parent/parents * Aggressive behaviour or out bursts * Flinching if touched /approached * Depressed/withdrawn * Running away from home * Self-harming
Verbal and emotional abuse

Verbal and Emotional abuse is a lot harder to notice because there are no visible signs other than weight loss/gain in most cases children can be well groomed and clothed and nearly always seem to be well cared for …

Changes in behaviour that can help identify verbal/emotional abuse

* Playing with hair constantly (twisting, sucking) * Always in a bad mood( aggressive) * Fear of making mistakes * Big fear of being approached or touched (especially a parent) * Sitting and rocking backwards and forwards * Weight changes either gain/loss * Sudden speech and development problems

Sexual abuse * Persistent pain or itching in the genital area * Bruising or bleeding in the genital area * Discharge or infection * Tummy pains * Noticeable discomfort on sitting down or walking

Changes in behaviour that can indicate sexual abuse * Sudden changes