The Pros And Cons Of Accounting

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Talk to the Pros.

Some people do not realize how much each person communicates each day in their lives. This is especially true for accounting majors. They spend most of their times communicating with others, usually via email. The people who they spend time communicating with are business individuals who come to the accountant to take care of their financial needs. After sitting down with Tim Maluga, one of my professors who has an accounting degree, I found out how much time they spend communicating and writing. Mr. Maluga has degree in accounting and finance. He has also worked in financial banking and as an accountant. I asked him what he did before he was a teacher. He told me he managed a few small businesses as an accountant. Then I asked how much time he spends communicating in the field. After asking my professor the question, he replied that about 80 percent of his time is spent communicating with business clients. I proceeded to ask him what these conversations are about and then how he usually communicates with these individuals. He informed me that he communicates mostly through email and then through phone calls and lastly meeting face to face. He also stated that about 75 percent of these are to do with answering questions about any inquires the small business or business clients might have. About 90 percent of his written communication is done via email, and the remaining is filling out the actual documents or repots. Businesses or clients for their records use the documents prepared, for reviewing financial records or for taxes. Also another use is for safety, if the IRS, Internal Revenue Service, comes to see their filed taxes, they are ready to be presented. This makes it easier if a business or person is being audited; the paper work is ready to be analyzed and accurate.
After thinking a bit, I asked him what his day usually was like when he worked as an accountant, a step by step. He pondered for a bit, then said