Safety and Hazardous Equipment Essay

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HASAWA Distinction task 2.5
Safe working practices are used in the laboratory to protect you other lab workers, visitors and your work.Control measures are used in the lab to make it safer for instance using a less risky substance.
When staff are working with hazardous equipment they have the use of protective equipment and clothing to minimise risk and have been trained in how to wear it effectively.
Hygiene is used in the lab to make it safe, never eat, drink or smoke in a laboratory. Also always wash your hands before you leave and especially before eating.
Ways to avoid fire is use minimum quantity of flammable substances and store substances in a storage cabinet. Moreover minimising fire damage keep fire door shut at all times.
The safety practices using glassware is disposing chipped or broken glassware make sure dispose in the glass bin it`s a risk to you and others .Follow correct waste disposal procedures.
Safety procedures for spillages are clean up promptly and dispose any hazardous material as toxic waste. Be certain all hazardous agents are stored correctly and labelled correctly according to Workplace Hazardous Materials Information Systems. Moreover never use equipment without formal training. Never use any laboratory equipment unless you and have been authorised to do so and reporting all incidents to the laboratory supervisor. Do not carry out a new or unfamiliar procedure until you have been fully trained & understand the precautions necessary for safe working. Determine potential hazards and appropriate safety precautions before beginning new operations and confirm that existing safety equipment is sufficient for this new procedure.

Materials and equipment are stored away correctly and out of the way in store rooms. Notices, signs and information about safety procedures are clearly displayed in the science labs. Locations around the service and practises that the