Safety, Health and Eap Essay

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The benefits of safety programs range from reducing insurance costs to saving lives. If you understand safety and learn about it, you can then work without injuring yourself or anybody around you. Whether you work in healthcare or are an electrical repairperson, you need to understand the safety issues about your job. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has many options for companies to comply with their workplace standards that will help reduce risk of injuries to employees by watching a video, taking a safety course or by attending safety meetings that pertain to your specific employment. Compliance with OHSA guidelines for safety are extremely important, they are needed to prevent serious work injuries and or death.
The first and most important benefit of having a safety program in place is to save lives and prevent injury. With proper training and instruction you can work safely without worrying about serious injuries. Some organizations have a safety committee that works with management to reward those employees who work injury free for a certain period of time with some sort of reward and recognition. This helps employees stay motivated and focused on the job to help prevent future injury and keep the work place safe.
The second reason for safety is to save insurance costs for the employers. If you provide assurance that your company does indeed practice safety in the workplace, insurance costs could result in a savings that is passed on to the employer as well as the employee. Every organization should have a safety training program in place for all employees to ensure…