Safety while driving Essay

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Stef Lewitzky
January 9th, 2015

Road To Being A Safe Driver There are all types of drivers on the streets today; from teenagers that just achieved their G1, to the elderly that seem to be the only drivers acknowledging the speed limit. Unfortunately, obtaining a driver's license does not always ensure common sense and responsibility on the road. Therefore, safe and vigilant driving is crucial as things can happen behind the wheel within a split second. Fastening the seatbelt, cautious driving, and being sober behind the wheel can maximize all passengers’ safety while driving.
First, ensure all passengers’ safety while driving by fastening the seatbelt. We have all heard the excuses before, "It is uncomfortable”, “I am only going around the corner", and the common: "I'm a good driver. I do not need to wear one." When sitting in a moving car, it is easy to feel as if the driver and the vehicle are one, but in reality, they are two separate objects travelling the same speed, in the same direction. In the event of a crash, the car will stop; however, the driver will continue to proceed forward until another object stops them, which might be a dashboard, door, or another passenger, ouch! With the safety restraint buckled up, the driver is no longer separate from the car, meaning the object that slows them down is his or her seatbelt. Although fastening the seatbelt may be a hassle to get comfortable in, that click is the barrier between life and death in a car crash. To properly fasten the seatbelt, sit with the hips and back firmly against the seat. Pull the tongue piece over the chest and insert it into the buckle

portion until you hear a “click.” If the seatbelt is not properly fastened, it will not be effective. In fact, it can be even more dangerous to not have it fastened correctly.
Consequently, ensure all passengers’ safety while driving by buckling up the seatbelt.
Second, to establish all passengers’ safety while driving, drive cautiously. There is much talk these days about the demand for drivers to be more cautious, sadly though, this has been of slight avail. Traffic accidents due to careless driving occur on a daily basis, which rises the curiosity as to how this continues without change. As a driver, the main focus while behind the wheel should be that of the road and how to operate the vehicle safely. Being aware of these aspects benefits not only the driver, but other drivers and pedestrians alike. This concentration can simply be achieved by minimizing all distractions, endorsing the speed limit, obeying all traffic signs, and being aware of what nearby drivers are doing. Careless drivers are ones that only focus on getting to their destination quickly as they do not realize that, if they cause an accident, it is not only their life in danger, but it is the driver of the opposing car’s life as well.
Reckless driving continues to be a growing concern daily to all those who occupy the roads. Too often, we learn about unfortunate