Saggy Pants Research Paper

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Saggy Pants Law
People live in a world where laws get passed every day, some of the laws are good and some are bad. While in Georgia some cities have passed laws banning saggy pants. Augusta is thinking of passing a similar bill, while the bill may sound good, Augusta should not make a bill because it is a waist of time and money, it is a style and some may not even know about or care about, and it is not going to stop anyone from wearing saggy pants. To start off, the bill is a waist of time and money to make a saggy pants law. The world has so many other problems and needs that could come first. Taking time into something with pants just sounds like a waist of time and funds that could go to other issues, such as Global Warming and LGBTQ. Saggy pants may be a problem to some but it may not be so huge a law needs to be just for wearing pants.
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The saggy pants problem really comes down to two types of people, those who care and those who don’t. In today’s world that is what it comes to people wearing saggy pants because the person wants to wear them like that and does not care. While we have the people who see the saggy pants and just put it off like saggy is nothing and the people who see the sag and question why the person is wearing pants like that. It is a cycle that may never stop, now it is pants and tomorrow it could be something