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Mr Acer TR1 1FG 123 Livingstone ST bishop school Birmingham CV2 PRF

Dear Mr Acer
I am writing to you because you are the headmaster and you have the authority to change the wearing in alder James community school.
Uniform is a problem because the uniforms are ridiculously expensive. They are too expensive because it costs £25 for shoes, £15 for trousers, £10 for shirt, £12 for tie, blazer costs £45 and a bag which costs £25 which would make in total a whopping £112ponds. Also the separate P.E kit costs £30 for trainers, £25 for jogging bottoms, 15 for a t-shirt and in total it is an outstanding £202. I know that uniform could be worn several times in the week as therefore non uniform could only be worn once but wearing uniform several times is very unhygienic because you are wearing the same clothing as the one yesterday, even if you wash your self your clothes are still sweaty and dirty so that would make you dirty.
Also as kids grow they need to replace their uniforms every year and this wastes too much money. Also kids get in to fights where in that position their clothes get ricked also kids in break and lunch play football and they are all going to fall, rip and damage their uniforms therefore it needs to be replaced. And again what would like to include is that buying casual wear from competing retailers is cheaper instead of buying uniform from one expensive shop. However I am fully aware that uniform makes everyone equal and prevents the chance of bullying, but kids well always find a way to bully someone over for example, accessories such as necklaces, watches, phones, mp3 players and clothes that kids might wear out of school, and they could easily judge someone by their appearance such as, hairstyle, hair colour, height, weight, odour such as type of perfume/after shave, the way one walks, smoking habits etc. I see and understand that getting rid of the uniform is not going to stop kids bullying other kids because of their appearance, I think to tackle this problem we as society need to teach young kids that bullying can lead to people being depress and make them feel unwanted which would lead to them harming themselves and may be even self-suicide, parents need to teach their kids just because someone is different to the other students doesn’t mean they could be terrorised and be treated as if they are not human.
But on the other hand uniforms will make it easier to identify those who are not from the school and therefore increase security/safety and maybe other kids go to other school to cause trouble, and if the school wore uniform the outsider will stick out like a sore thumb. As I go to a school where they wear uniform, I remember an incident where one of my class mate was innocently walking home who hadn’t done anything wrong was viciously attacked by a “rival” school who had recognised him by the uniform he was…