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Saint Genevieve

Genevieve was originally born in Nanterre, and later moved to Paris because she encountered Germanus of Auxxere and to dedicate herself to a Christian life. She was a peasant, born to a Frankish father and a Gallo-Roman mother. One day,
Germanus came to Nanterre and Genevieve told him she only wanted to live for God. He helped her to be close to God and when she turned 15, she became a nun. Because of her parent’s death, she moved to Paris with her godmother,
Lutetia. In Paris, she was admired for her generous amount of charity work, and had a vegetarian diet. She continued this for over 30 years. She frequently had visions of heavenly angels and saints. She would report them until her enemies threatened to drown her in a lake of fire. Later on, the bishop appointed her to look after the welfare of the virgins dedicated to God. A bit before the attack of the Huns under Attila in 451 on Paris, Genevieve and Germanus of Auxerre finally calmed the panic-stricken to not leave their houses and pray to God. The parayers worked, and they got the Huns of Attila to go to Orleans instead. (Southwest of

I chose Saint Genevieve for my project because of everything she did. I would like to use her as an example in my life because she was around my age, and grew very close to God. I want to become close to God as well, and not just when I need him the most. Also, Genevieve did lots of