Essay on Saint George And The Dragon

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The first thing I thought when we first discussed the museum visit in class was that it would be a waste of a Saturday and just be something I had to get through. I wasn’t looking forward to going into DC at all and especially not to go to an art museum. Before this trip I had never even stepped inside of any museum except for the International Spy museum, which is also in DC. Even the ride to the museum was not a happy one, but everything changed when I got inside. Walking into the National Gallery of Art is really pretty breathtaking and to be honest I wasn’t expecting that at all. My first mission as soon as I walked in was to find my class tour, so I started walking around to all the different little sections and I would find that even when I saw that my class wasn’t in a specific room, sometimes I couldn’t pull myself away from some of the artworks in the different rooms. I would find myself not just checking each room, but spending five or six minutes in rooms that had nothing to do with my artwork or my class because I got so engulfed by all of the amazing artworks. I finally found the class and then I and a couple friends from class set out to find our specific artworks, which like finding the class tour took a little bit of searching. When we got to the room that my artwork was in, I was surprised to see a lot of people in the room and actually crowding the pieces around mine, but I didn’t mind the couple minute wait to see it. When I finally got up to my artwork I was just amazed, I felt so much history and saw almost a story conveyed physically right in front of my eyes. This experience decently opened my eyes, not only to the fact that I find art captivating, but this experience has taught me to keep an open mind about things that I may think at the time I wouldn’t enjoy or couldn’t benefit me. When I decided which artwork I wanted to do my paper on I was looking on the National Gallery of Art’s page online for something that caught my eye and looked interesting enough to go look at and analyze. When I saw it I picked chose it because it looked interesting enough, but I didn’t really get the full effect and experience how majestic this artwork is until I was looking at it not even two feet from me. The first thing that stood out was how it shined and how clean it looked, almost if it had been waxed. Saint George and the Dragon coveys a warrior, Saint George, on his horse fighting a vicious dragon that is under them him. It is obvious that the man is a warrior because he is holding a shield in his left arm, has a helmet on, and with his left hand he is grasping a sword that is in a holster attached to the horse he is riding. The warrior is missing part of his right arm, but I’m not sure if that was the way that the artist intended it to be or if that part of the arm was broken off over time. It looks to me that it was broken off over time because it is straight out, so if the rest of the arm was intact it would look like he is charging into battle. The warrior is also looking down at the horse and the dragon with almost a helpless look on his face. The horse appears to be the one fighting the battle with the dragon that’s…