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Saint Patrick was born in Kilpatrick, Scotland in the year 387
He was captured by Irish man and was sold into slavery to Miliucc
He escapes and then reunites with his people
Since he is a man of God he devotes his life to the priesthood and is anointed bishop
He return back to his former master Miliucc to tell him of the good news
Miliucc decided to burn down his house with all his belongings and himself
It was Easter then so Patrick celebrated at the king’s palace
When he was there, the king’s wizard challenged him
The wizard brought snow
Patrick removed the snow
The wizard brought forth darkness
Patrick then removed the darkness from the land
The wizard still decides God’s power
So Patrick puts a child on the weak side of the house and the wizard on the strong side of the house
He put the house on fire and only the wizard’s side burned down
He then preached to many and baptized people in the name of God
He died in Downpatrick, Ireland, March 17, in the year 461
He never went through the canonization process but was canonized many years afterwards for his devotion to Christ
He was the first major figure to reject slavery
Patrick was the one who brought Christianity to Ireland and shared God’s word
He also was the first to build catholic churches in parts of Ireland
He baptized many and also took the opportunity to bring others to Christ
God’s presence motivated Patrick to follow God’s footsteps
Since he has had many encounters with God, that has helped him grow spiritual as well as in knowledge
He is known to many for his devotion to Christ and his willingness to do God’s will
Every March 17 we celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day to remember all the things he has done to enrich the catholic community around the world Saint Patrick’s talents and gifts were mostly his devotion to his faith and the ability to speak in public
Patrick embraced…