Saint Paul Essay

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Facts about Saint Paul

1. Feast Day: June 29
2. Born: about 3 AD
Died: about 67 AD
3. Patron Saint of London, Authors, Press, Publishers and Writers.
4. Four Interesting Facts
a) Saint Paul was born with the name of Saul
b) Before his conversion, Saul was a bitter opponent of Christ.
c) On the road to Damascus he was struck blind by a heavenly light and converted to Christianity.
d) Paul was arrested and beheaded because Emperor Nero set fire to Rome, blaming all the Christians.
1. Date of Canonization: He is considered a saint since the early Christians because he is a maytr for his faith.
2. Pope of Canonization: He is considered a saint since the early Christians because he is a maytr for his faith.

Saint Paul

Saint Paul was born with the original name of Saul, in Tarsus, Cecilia which is modern day Turkey. Saul was born around 3AD. Saul's parents were Jewish and brought him up strictly according to the Pharisees' beliefs. The Pharisees were extremely zealous in their commitment to the law who would later oppose Jesus and his teaching later persecuting him. His family was tent-makers by trade. Saul never got to know Jesus because Saul traveled a lot as he was young. Since he never go to know Jesus, when he returned to Jerusalem he became a bitter opponent of Christ and the new Christian religion. Saul then traveled to Damascus to arrest another group of Christian. On his journey to Damascus he was knocked to the ground and struck blind by a heavenly light which had a significant spiritual effect on him.
Saul then converted to Christianity and at his baptism he was given the name of Paul. Paul then began travelling and preaching also spending time in the desert to prepare himself for his evangelical mission. He travelled with Barnabas on his first time travelling going to Tarsus, Damascus, Antioch and Cyprus to preach the gospel. He then went on to preach in Asia Minor, Europe and Ephesus. Between his missions he returned to Jerusalem four times. On his fifth return to Jerusalem Paul was arrested and held as a prisoner for two years at Caesarea. Paul claimed his right as a Roman citizen to be tried in Rome and in 60AD was sent by sea to Rome.
On the journey Paul was shipwrecked and delayed on the island of Malta. In Rome he was released after two years and continued with his missions. He returned to Rome in 63/64AD during the rule of the Roman Emperor Nero (r.54-68). In 64 AD Nero set fire to Rome and blamed the Christians for its destruction. Paul was one of the Christians who was taken prisoner and was sentenced to death by beheading.

Saint Paul Reflection
Saint Paul was born in Tarsus, Cilicia (modern Turkey) in about 3 AD. Paul’s was born with the name of Saul. Saul’s family was tent-makers and traded their finished products for goods and necessities for the family. He was brought up according to the strict doctrine of the Pharisees who enjoyed the distinction of Roman citizenship. The Pharisees were the group of people who plotted and were responsible for Jesus’ death. During Saul’s initial years, he persecuted Christians, taking part in the stoning of St. Stephen, the first Christian martyr. Being momentarily blinded by the vision of the image of resurrected Jesus, on the road to Damascus, led Saul to convert. At baptism, Saul was given the name of Paul, and he went to Arabia for three years to connect with God by prayers and reflections.
Paul is different from all other apostles; he carries the