Salem Witch Trials and News Paper Article

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Name | What is it | Effect on audience | Rhetorical question | A question that is not meant to be answered | Can imply that the answer is obvious and anybody who disagrees with it is juts dumb | Sarcasm | Use of irony ot mock or show contempy, by implying the opposite of what they’re actually saying | Mocks or question the logic of a situation; undermine its validity (if its true or not) | Evidencee | Give numbers and statistics etc | Make argument more credible, | Satire | Make something seem way biggere.g if I had 50 sheep, id say I had 500 sheep | Makes a point in a humorous fashion, serves to mock or question a situation |

Whati s the issue – what is the issue…

What type of text – e.g news paper article, editorial or w.e and name the newspaper

What is the writeers conention – what does he or she want, e.g positive or negative

Target audience – audience which they target…

Tone and style

Style is either formal or informal (way of writing the essay)

Tone – imagine how the person is feeling when they are typing up the essay
e.g angry, sad, passionate, mad

language strategy table – visual

just look at the picture and it should be easy.


Abigail is not deserving of our sympathy as she condemned the innocent, deceived a whole town and scapegoated an innocent civilian, and thinks only of herself, while Proctor is the opposite, he is mortal so he does make human mistakes but he means no harm and tries to win back his wife after cheating on her.

In Act 1 Abigails acts show only self-preservation “I saw Sarah good with the Devil! I saw Goody Osborn with the Devil! I saw Bridget bishop with the Devil!”, even it means others gets hurt. She doesn’t care, being the selfish person she is. And by doing this a number of innocent people are hung
But later on in the book we see her hanging people not only for just self preservance but also of a vengeful nature; “Hale: mary… Aye”
Abigail wants to be with Proctor, but knowing that he would never leave his wife for her she condemns Elisabeth to be a witch. In the hope that she is indeed hanged. Therefore showing that Abigail does not deserve our sympathy, for why would we feel sympathy for a murderer? And unlike Abigail, the only person proctor hanged was himself

Proctor on the other hand is the almost opposite, when given the opportunity to make sure he will not be hanged; if he will name some of his friends as witches and condemn them, he chooses not to lie “Danforth: Mr proctor… I did not”. This is a decision of absolute goodness, seeing as he is leaving behind his wife which he loves dearly and his two young children. Another reason we may feel sympathy for John Proctor is that he tries to help his fellow friends in trouble. Because he is doing the good and right thing we feel sorry for him, when it comes back to haunt him as Mary-Warren ends up accusing him of consorting with the devil.

“Mary-Warren: My name… he says”
Proctor is looked up to, as he has a high standing in the community. So when this respectable man admits to adultery and lying to everyone he loses respect from his neighbours.…