Salem Witch Trials Dbq Research Paper

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In 1692 there was this big thing called The Salem witch trials. The Salem witch trial was basically about girls lying, jealousy, and the town divided by wealthy and power. The Salem witch trials were about women and men who were accused of performing witchcraft. Almost 20 people were hanged and killed. In 1692 the Salem witch trial, there were many causes. For example the town division is being wealth and power, lying girls, and jealousy.

There were many reasons for the Salem witch trials. But the one that stood out to me was the town division of wealth and power. This is the main reason of the salem witch trial because the poor women were or might have been sick of struggling so they would find reason for wealthy married women to get killed or sick and die. Then they would take their place and be wealthy and no longer struggle. In (Doc B 103 ) it has two charts that shows the number of accuser and the most accused is married females. In the 1692 there were many causes of the Salem witch trial. For example town division by wealth and power, lying girls, and jealousy.
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The girls were saying the women they dislike or wanted dead they would say they are performing witchcraft. For example in ( Doc C 105 ) it has the examination of Bridget Bishop at Salem village. The examiner asked the teenage girls “Hath this woman hurt you?” Bridget Bishop said “i never saw these persons before.” This states the evidence of my reason for the Salem witch trial. This one was pointed out that the other reason for the salem witch trials was jealousy. Really didn’t find this one a real big impact like the other ones. Maybe because a lot of women wasn’t doing this for jealousy. They mostly did it for money and revenge. As it says in ( Doc B 105 ) it shows the accuser and accused and their is more accused as women and married. This is a statement found to backup this