Salem Witch Trials: The Salem Witch Trial

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The people of Salem accused innocent people for being witches because of selfish reasons in the town of Salem. In the video it displayed evidence of what happened in the Salem Witch Trials that took place in the year of 1692. Even though I have learned about the Salem Witch trials, there still are facts that surprise me every time I learn about the witch trials. In the video three parts stuck out to me the most, such as, no physical evidence, two towns of Salem, and false reports.
The first fact that sticks out the most to me in the video, is no physical evidence of the claims. In the video it describes how a group of girls were sick and the doctor could not find a reason for the girl’s sickness. Instead of trying to find a reason for the sickness, he decides to blame the sickness on them being bewitched. The people of Salem allowed their neighbors to be hanged with no physical evidence except statements from people who hated them. The reason this fact interest me, is that it really proves if the whole crowd turns on a person than sometimes no one will save them. The people of Salem were not only hanging women, but they also were hanging men and children for being witches. The fact that people were allowed to hang others
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I have always learned that there is only one town of Salem, but in the video it explained that there is Salem town and Salem village. The reason it is important to know that there were two towns because most of the people that accused people of being witches lived in Salem town and accused people in Salem village. The people who lived in Salem town accused people in Salem village because they wanted land from the people in Salem Village to make more profit off of import. I find this fact interesting because the people of Salem town knew that they could be found guilty and loose their land or be hung for being a