Essay on Sales and Customer Sales Environment

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Dealing with Situations – Problem Solving and Taking Advantage of Opportunities
Working in a customer sales environment provides numerous opportunities for personal skills to be improved, as I have discovered. Often, I have been provided with customers that show an interest in a specific type of product, and it has been left to me, the salesman, to direct the customer to the appropriate selection of products. In some cases, I had been faced with a customer who knew roughly what they wanted, but wanted me to recommend them the best range of products to meet their requirements. In such cases, I felt that I gained significant learning because I was able to compare what they wanted to what I knew we could supply, and at what price, and often was able to secure a number of high valued sales.
One such sale was for a customer who wanted to redesign their garden with a selection of paving slabs. The customer explained to me that she wanted to have a large patio area but wasn’t sure about what specific colours she wanted or what design she wanted to have laid down. After some time I was able to provide her with a number of ranges that met her criteria, including a number of our premium ranges. My customer showed a significant amount of interest in the Indian Sandstone range which came in a project pack that would allow her to have the slabs laid down in a number of concentric circles. My client explained that she needed to get the paving slabs within a week, for she…