Sales and Digital Age Games Essay

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Sales Management
Minicase: Digital Age Games
1. Though Shirley did parts of the required analysis she skipped out on a very crucial part. She didn’t talk directly with any current salesman or even observe them. By doing this she will miss part of the story because even though sales managers oversee and have an idea of what they want the salesman to do they aren’t out in the field seeing every detail the job entails or what difficulties/opportunities that might be overlooked. Are there different types and levels of salesman within the salesforce? If so this would require multiple job descriptions to meet the needs and qualifications of the position and not a one fits all document.
2. After reviewing the job description it basically needs to be revamped. The language she used in her job description is very vague and ambiguous which leads me to believe it would be hard to judge the quality they are trying to find in the applicant. She needs to add:
a. A portion which would show the principal duties and responsibilities of the salesman
b. Discuss the nature of products and services more.
c. Who they would be working with and report to.
d. The job demands and what technical requirements are necessary.
3. As they look for qualified applicants they might seek referrals from other firms in which they do business to find talent with some proven capability. Advertisement in industry specific journals. Universities have become greater sources of finding and developing